How It Works

A new way to analize, challenge & empower self-management
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Global Evaluation

A global assessment is designed to give a quick and simple estimate of stocks and investment funds. It combines financial and technical analyses (valuation, update profits, technical factors, and group reference indices) with sensitivity analysis. A better assessment of the individual parameters leads to a better global assessment.

Evaluating quality
of securities with "stars"

The granting of "stars" is designed to allow you to identify quality stocks quickly and easily. A similar assessment is done for funds.

In this easy-to-use rating system, a stock can earn stars for the following element:

  • Profit trend through expected earnings per share valuation
  • Valuation rating per share relative to current price
  • Medium term technical trend analysis
  • Relative to market performance in last 4 weeks

An investment fund can earn stars for the following elements:

  • Sharp ratio
  • Information ratio
  • Medium term technical trend analysis
  • Market relative performance in the last 6 months

Therefore, a stock & fund can earn a maximum of four stars. The lowest rating a stock can have is no stars.


Developments in the price of a stock are generally volatile and contain high sensitivity that may end in full loss. Based on their historical behavior, stocks are categorized by sensitivity level. These sensitivity levels should be taken into account only in comparison with historical shares.

There are three levels of sensitivity levels:

Low sensitivity: The sensitivity metrics descend below the global attribution average.

Mild sensitivity: The tolerance indices are positioned higher than the global reference average, but lower than the standard deviation.

High Sensitivity: The sensitivity indices are at higher levels than the standard deviation.